Family Time


This Sunday morning I spent with a big part of my family to basically set fire to our Christmas trees tog et rid of them and in the end have a real BBQ! It was a nice spring day.. or so we thought until we came down to the water and the wind was nearly blowing us away. It was really like experiencing all of the four seasons in two hours. First you were two hot and then in the next second you nearly froze to death. But as the the family we are, we made the best out of the situation. Even though I was worried that we would burn down the forest several times before the day was over we all managed to get away from there without doing to much damage.

I think it's really nice to have days like this, when you just get out in the forest and even though everything don't go as planned you still have a great time. It gives you some time to relax from the everyday life and enjoy the nature and the company of your family!

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