Some Peace and Quiet


I wouldn't argue that I'm a person that easily get stressed, I usually take things as they come and don't spend much time dwelling on things I can't do anything about. However, now when I'm doing my third year in the IB, even I can feel that it is too much at times. With me, not being used to feeling stressed and the symptoms that comes with it I try to distance myself from what is making me stressed and focusing on things that calms me down. 

For me to get things done I first have to calm my brain down and I feel that there is no better place to do that for me than in the stable. The riding school I'm riding at is like a second home for me, I've been there at least once a week since I was around 10 years old. That's nearly nine years now. Being surrounded by these magnificent animals and doing the chores that needs to be done to keep them alive and well makes me de-stress. I feel like doing something outside of school that has nothing to do with what I'm currently doing for my future, but only focusing on what's in the moment gives me a better perspective of what's really important. 

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