So this Tuesday was my 18th birthday. I don't really know how to feel about that. For a while I've had a bit of a crisis about me not having my life together (like my driving license, bank stuff and washing my clothes?!?). I do however realize now that not so much have changed. Yes I do have to fix my driving lessons and learn to wash my clothes, but I did actually go to the bank to day (by myself!!) to get my new bank card. Adult points to me!

I and my 80 year old friends celebrated this very exciting day by going to a cute little café in the old town. The interior was absolutely adorable and reminded me lots about really old Swedish houses. We spent around two hours there chatting away about everything. I had a really nice time but I had to leave to have dinner with my parent around half six which also was very lovely. It was all in all a very nice 18th birthday!

photo cred to my friend Sumaya (@sumaya_alii on instagram!)

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Nice photos :)