Welcome 2016


And just like that, another new year. 2015 has been eventful with its ups and downs but I welcome 2016 with open arms.

In or family we have a tradition together with another family were we celebrate New Years and Midsummer (a Swedish tradition) at each others. Midsummer at us and New Years et theirs. We usually eat good food and together, chat up about thinks we have been missing and play a kinds of boardgames. At midnight we walk out on the street and watch the fireworks, we usually don't shoot any ourselves but we enjoy the neighbours instead!

Sadly enough I did not have time to take picture of my outfit or makeup because I come directly home from the stable and had about half an hour to make myself ready to go! Another time thought, I promise!

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  1. I found your blog from a comment left on Poppy Deyes' website and really liked it!