Pancake Party


Last weekend me and some of my friends had a little pancake party. We met up at one of our friends, who have her own apartment, and went from there and bought all our ingredients for the pancakes.

Home again we started to make the pancake batter and prepare the toppings with we've decided were bananas, Nutella and cream (which we had to whip by hand fyi). Non of us where pros in pancake flipping so we forced Melina to do it, even thought the pancakes looked more of a mountain than anything else when we were sone I thought she did a good job anyway and they tasted amazing.

After we had stuffed ourself full of pancakes we basically just laid on Emma's (the one with the apartment) sofa and talked about everything between heaven and earth. I think we talked about all the word problems big as small. And yes as you can imagine we were up until ridiculously late, I think the time were around 4AM when we finally decided to go to sleep. We, or at least I, had a really good time and wouldn't mind doing it again.

Just throwing in a picture of the amazing weather here in the end. 

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4 kommentarer

  1. Haha, it looks like you had an amazing time ♥

  2. Yummm, i love pancakes! and i loved the table decor! Looks super cute :)
    Would you like to support each other on GFC? Let me know! xx

  3. Pancakes are always a good idea :)

    x LS

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