Christmas 2015


This Christmas me and my family went to my grandparents house, as we always do, to celebrate Christmas together with one part of my mom's side of the family. We got there around 1PM and begun the night by drinking some mulled wine, or soda for the kids who are not that fond of the mulled wine.

The Christmas dinner was served around 2PM. It was my first year with a vegetarian christmas dinner, and to be honest it wasn't that bad. We had done some research and come up with some pretty good alternatives. At 3PM it was time for the yearly Donald Duck christmas special and all the children where sat in the sofa knowing that after this Santa with all the christmas presents would show up. And he sure did, I got some presents and I'm very happy and grateful for them all. After the present giving and receiving was it just the porridge left and then a lot of talking from the grown ups about things that does not interest me nor the children. Therefor we went home quite early, but it was nice catching up with some of my family members that I don't see that often and spend some time with them! 

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4 kommentarer

  1. Sounds like you had such a lovely Christmas with your family!

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  2. Such a pretty blog! xx

  3. It looks like your Christmas was wonderful! :) Have a great new year! xxx

  4. This sounds really lovely, I wish that I could spend Christmas with my grandparents x