Bath & Body Works and M.A.C


When I were at Dubai Mall i perched a few things. I didn't buy so many things, main reason is that everything is very expensive here. With this in mind I only went in to shops that we don't have at home.

At Bath & Body Works I bought three christmas/winter scented candles because why not.

The Twisted Peppermint smells exactly as you can imagine. It smells strongly of peppermint with a little hint of vanilla.

Fresh Sparkling Snow smells a bit fruity and very fresh.

To be honest, I have never smelt cranberry or thought of the smell but according to me this candle smells like fruit and warmth.

As you may notice I'm more in to fresh and light scented candles then the ones who smells kind of 'heavy'.

This lipstick is a pinky nude wich I have looked for for a very long time now but never found one that fits me. Even thought I bought this in a hurry, and basically just picked it up and bought it, I really like it. It doesn't give lots of colour but it's still noticeable.

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